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The Doctrine of Eschatology

Christian theologies differ on the doctrine of eschatology probably more than just about any other doctrine. The approach I take in my essay, “The Doctrine of Eschatology”, focuses on ethics.  I ask what would eschatology would look like that reinforces Jesus’ teaching about love of God and neighbor.  Such an ethical eschatology will focus more on our “end” as in our purpose than our “end” as in our future fate.

I center my eschatological reflections on the book of Revelation, interpreting Revelation as a message about discipleship–calling on believers to follow Jesus (the “Lamb”) wherever he goes.  And Revelation presents the “way Jesus goes” as the way of persevering love. 

This essay is the twelfth in a series that examines core Christian doctrines, consistently asking what shape they should take if they are articulated in light of Jesus.

The Book of Revelation as a resource for peace

Often, the Book of Revelation is presented as being about these weird visions of violence and vengeance–where God models retaliation and hatred for enemies.

My article, How does Revelation speak today? (published in The Mennonite, September 2, 2008), presents the book of Revelation as being a “revelation” of Jesus’ persevering love as the model for Christians–in contrast to  views of Revelation that see it being about vengeance and violence.