April 2009 Links

April 27, 2009

Philosopher Eric Reitan has sharp disagreements with the “new atheists” (Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, et al). But he also thinks thoughtful believers should take these thinkers’ ideas seriously. He explains why in this interview about his book Is God a Delusion?.

The Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have abandoned “Global War on Terror” language. How much, though, has the reality changed? How committed is Obama, et al, to the American empire? A key indicator is the future of “Overseas Contingency Operations.” Do we simply have a new euphemism for the old ways of imperialism? Here are some reflections by the always thoughtful Ira Chernus.

What should Obama, et al, be doing in response to on-going revelations of just how self-consciously the Bush administration endorsed torture? Former CIA analyst Melvin Goodman suggests that now is the time to hold the torturers accountable.

April 8, 2009

Americans who are religious and politically progressive have seemed to be an endangered species in recent years.  The election of Barack Obama promises to breathe new life into this community–however the initial dynamics may be foreshadowing conflicts ahead.

It has seemed to many of us that one of the most dangerous directions the Obama administration could follow will be to deepen American military involvement in Afghanistan.  The dangers obviously most centrally include the destruction that will be imposed on the Afghani people. Another danger is the possibility of severely damaging Obama’s potentially to govern effectively.  Norman Solomon, one of the most perceptive and critical commentators on American war practices sees these dangers becoming more likely.

The Episcopal Church in the U.S. has been embroiled in intense conflicts recently–however the notion that the defection of numerous conservative Episcopalians in endangering the larger Episcopal Church has little basis in fact.

An area of our society that is taking a hit with our current economic meltdown that may not get the attention as some others but which certainly concerns me as a college professor is the impact of what’s going on on higher education. Some troubling reflections on this issue.

Dean Baker continues to provide some of the most helpful analysis on economic issues in the US.  Here is a recent defense of our Social Security system.

Some sharp words for the leaders of our financial system from Bill Moyers.

What’s happening to Christianity in America?  Here’s Newsweek’s take.

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