61. Ray Wylie Hubbard—DANGEROUS SPIRITS

Ray Wylie is the epitome of what’s called “Texas music,” a mixture of country, folk, rock, Tex-Mex, and a few other things with a distinctive thoughtfulness and outside the box sensibility—kind of the opposite of a lot that comes out of Nashville. This is one of his best of a number of fine records. He shows himself to be the master of thoughtful, emotionally complicated, spiritually sensitive, and a bit quirky songs (he uses the term “power ballads”). Some of his particularly fine efforts on this record include “Without Love (We’re Just Wasting Time),” “The Last Younger Son,” “If Heaven is not a Place to Go,” “Resurrection,” and “Last Train to Amsterdam.”


Philo Records, 1997 [All-Music Guide review]

Here’s #60

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