Theology sermons

These sermons were preached at Shalom Mennonite Congregation, September 2006 through February 2008. They were expanded and published as a book, Theology as If Jesus Matters (Telford, PA: Cascadia Publishing House, 2009).

1. What do we do with theology? [Introduction] (9/10/2006)

2. Who is that guy? [Doctrine of Jesus Christ] (10/15/2006)

3. News of God [Doctrine of God] (11/12/2006)

4. God’s Spirit—and ours [Doctrine of the Holy Spirit] (1/21/2007)

5. This is God’s world [Doctrine of creation] (2/18/2007)

6. How does God communicate? [Doctrine of revelation] (3/18/2007)

7. Humanness: A blessing or a curse? [Doctrine of humanity] (4/29/2007)

8. Salvation: Healing our damage [Doctrine of salvation] (5/27/2007)

9. The church: Why bother? [Doctrine of the church] (9/9/2007)

10. Evoking the presence of God [Doctrine of the sacraments] (10/7/2007)

11. Bless all the families of the earth [Doctrine of the religions] (11/4/2007)

12. The end times are now [Doctrine of the end times] (1/6/2008)

13. Do this and live [Conclusion] (2/10/2008)

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