Boyd on the OT’s violence

A series of blog posts that reflect on chapters from the book by Greg Boyd, Crucifixion of the Warrior God.

1. Is the Bible a peace book?—Introduction (5/25/17)

2. Greg Boyd’s peaceable God and the Bible—Chapter one (5/27/17)

3. Greg Boyd’s peaceable God as revealed in Christ—Chapter two (5/30/17)

4. Greg Boyd’s Christ-centered reading strategy—Chapter three (6/2/17)

5. Greg Boyd’s insistence on making the cross central—Chapter four (6/12/17)

6. More on Greg Boyd’s insistence on making the cross central—Chapter five (6/16/17)

7. Boyd defends his “cross thesis”—Chapter six (6/22/17)

8. Boyd’s account of God-related violence in the OT—Chapter seven (6/28/17)

9. Boyd’s critique of the “dismissal solution” to the problem—Chapter eight (7/7/17)

10. Boyd’s critique of the “synthesis solution”—Chapter nine (7/13/17)

11. Boyd’s alternative: “The reinterpretation solution”—Chapter ten (7/17/17)

12. Boyd’s cruciform hermeneutic applied—Chapter eleven (7/28/17)

13. Boyd’s “theological interpretation” of the Old Testament—Chapter twelve (10/13/17)

14. Boyd’s peaceable reading of Revelation—Appendices to volume I (10/19/17)

15. Boyd’s “principle of cruciform accommodation”—Chapter thirteen (10/23/17)

16. Boyd’s “principle of cruciform accommodation” [part two]—Chapter fourteen (11/1/17)

17. Boyd on God’s “divine aikldo”—Chapter fifteen (11/13/17)

18. Boyd on how God judges sin—Chapter sixteen (12/1/17)

19. Boyd on judgment and “divine withdrawal”—Chapters seventeen and eighteen (12/7/17)

20. Boyd’s critique of divine genocide defenders—Chapter nineteen (12/11/17)

21. Boyd’s cruciform interpretation of the conquest—Chapter twenty (12/13/17)

22. Boyd and Old Testament spiritual warfare—Chapter twenty-one (12/21/17)

23. Boyd and New Testament spiritual warfare (part one)—Chapter twenty-two (12/30/17)

24. Boyd and New Testament spiritual warfare (part two)—Chapter twenty-two (12/30/17)

25. More on Boyd and spiritual warfare—Chapter twenty-three (1/9/18)

26. Even more on Boyd and spiritual warfare—Chapter twenty-four (1/15/18)

27. Wrapping up Boyd’s CWG—Chapter twenty-five; Postscript; Appendices (1/24/18)


A three-part series critiquing Greg Boyd’s book, Cross Vision [November 5-8, 2018]

  1. A summary of Boyd’s argument
  2. Affirmations and critiques
  3. My alternative approach

A summary of the book by Greg Boyd, Cross Vision: How the Crucifixion of Jesus Makes Sense of Old Testament Violence (Fortress Press, 2017).

(1) The Problem and a Looking-Glass Solution

(2) Biblical, Historical, and Ancient Cultural Support

(3) The True Nature of God’s Judgment

(4) Seeing Something Else Through the Looking-Glass Cross