10 songs about the gospel



  1. Iris DeMent—”Let the Mystery Be” (from Infamous Angel)
  2. Jon Dee Graham—”World So Full” (from The Great Battle)
  3. Paul Kelly—”God’s Hotel” (from Wanted Man)
  4. Tom Waits—”Down There By the Train” (from Orphans)
  5. Bruce Cockburn—”Love Loves You Too” (from Dart to the Heart)
  6. Hothouse Flowers—”Thing of Beauty” (from Songs from the Rain)
  7. Bob Marley and the Wailers—”Redemption Song” (from Uprising)
  8. Tom Jones—”Did Trouble Me” (from Praise & Blame)
  9. Bill Fay—”The Healing Day” (from Life is People)
  10. Van Morrison—”I Forgot That Love Existed” (from Poetic Champions Compose)