Ted Grimsrud


I am starting to gather some of my writings dealing with John Howard Yoder—I hope to add to these over time.

1. Pacifism and the Story of Jesus: A Summary of Yoder’s Presentation of Jesus in The Politics of Jesus

2. A Yoderian Reading of Romans

3. John Howard Yoder’s Pacifist Epistemology

4. A Faithful Teacher in the Church: A Personal Tribute to John Howard Yoder

5. Ted Grimsrud/Craig Carter Dialogue on Carter’s Book, The Politics of the Cross

6. John Howard Yoder’s Christology [a short summary essay from 1982]

7. John Howard Yoder and Contemporary Anabaptist Theology [June 2011]

Here’s a blog entry I wrote December 2010—“Word and Deed: The Strange Case of John Howard Yoder” and a Feburary 8, 2011, addendum. Here are the set of articles from 1992 in The Elkhart Truth by reporter Tom Price on the allegations of Yoder’s sexual misconduct. In August, 2013, I posted a multipart series reflecting further on Yoder’s sexual misconduct, “Reflections from a chagrined ‘Yoderian.'” A condensed and revised essay based on these blog posts has been posted as “Reflections from a chagrined ‘Yoderian’ in face of his alleged sexual violence.”

Here are the first two parts of a multiple-post response to Peter Leithart’s critique of Yoder in his book Defending Constantine:  “Defending Yoder: Part One—Responding to Leithart’s Critique” and “Defending Yoder: Part Two—Earl Zimmerman’s Account.”

Another blog post, July 31, 2011: “Mennonite Theology and War: Kaufman and Yoder.”

I have written a two-part critique of Paul Martens, The Heterodox Yoder (Cascade, 2012): Part I (April 2, 2012) and Part II (April 3, 2012).

  1. […] of view on the influences of Barth on Yoder. You may find this stimulating discussion at https://peacetheology.net/john-h-yoder/. Then scroll down and click on 5. Ted Grimsrud/Craig Carter Dialogue on Carter’s Book, The […]

  2. […] After you have read these, then you will find some stimulating articles on Yoder at Anabaptist theologian, Ted Grimsrud’s site called Peace Theology. You may find these at https://peacetheology.net/john-h-yoder/. […]

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