In 1987, I published with Herald Press my book, Triumph of the Lamb.  I have continued to work with Revelation and am in the process of producing a new theological and ethical commentary on Revelation.  However, the ideas expressed in my original book largely remain valid, in my opinion.  Here are the chapters from this book, which now is published in a reprint edition by Wipf and Stock.


Revelation 1: Prologue

Revelation 2 and 3: Message to the Seven Churches

Revelation 4 and 5: Triumph of the Lamb

Revelation 6 and 7: The Seals

Revelation 8, 9, and 10: The Trumpets

Revelation 11 and 12: Spiritual Warfare, Part 1

Revelation 13 and 14: Spiritual Warfare, Part 2

Revelation 15 and 16: The Bowls

Revelation 17 and 18: The Fall of Babylon

Revelation 19 and 20: The Final Triumph

Revelation 21 and 22: The New Jerusalem

Conclusion: The Meaning of Revelation for Today

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