Mennonites and “Homosexuality”


Peace Theology Books, 2016. xv + 252 pages

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From Amazon [Includes a preview] (paperback—$20.00)

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Book description:

In this book, Grimsrud (Senior Professor of Peace Theology at Eastern Mennonite University) gathers essays written over the past fifteen years that have sought to influence the Mennonite community to be more welcoming of sexual minorities.

Included are writings that make the biblical case for inclusion, that reflect on the history of the Mennonite struggle to be welcoming, and that critique many of the recent books on Christianity and welcome.

Endorsing blurb:

“I have appreciated Ted Grimsrud’s writing over the years and especially his persistent way of carefully, rationally, and compassionately working to set out a biblical based theology of inclusion. I am delighted that he has put his essays together into a cohesive, historical record.”——Carol Wise, Executive Director, Brethren Mennonite Council on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Interests

Table of Contents:


SECTION ONE: Background

1.The evolution of my views

2.Hermeneutics, biblical teaching, and “homosexuality”


3.What did Jesus do?

4. A basic Christian argument for affirming gay marriage

5. Does the Bible condemn same-sex intimacy as sin?

6. A biblical theology of welcome


7. Hospitality and faithful community

8. The logic of Mennonite Church USA’s teaching position

9. The survival of Mennonite Church USA

10. The moral crisis of Mennonite Church USA


11. The “homosexuality” debate

12. A critical response to Robert Gagnon

13. A critique of a restrictive Mennonite view

14. Reflections on recent writing: The restrictive approach

15. Reflections on recent writing: The inclusive approach

Appendix: Behind Mennonite same-sex sexuality debates

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