Beginning in March 2008, I presented a series of sermons on the Book of Revelation at Shalom Mennonite Congregation in Harrisonburg, VA. The series was abandoned after the fifth sermon in September 2009.

2008-9—1: “Living in Apocalyptic Times”

2008-9—2: “What Are We Looking For?”

2008-9—3: “Power in Weakness”

2008-9—4: “How Does God Win?”

2008-9—5: “Trusting God in the Real World”

2007: Revelation as a Peace Book (Stumptown Mennonite Church—Lancaster, PA, 4/15/07; Scottdale [PA] Mennonite Church, 9/19/05)

In the Spring of 1996, I presented a series of four sermons at Salem Mennonite Church, Freeman, SD.

1996–1: Comforting the Afflicted; Afflicting the Comfortable

1996–2: The Triumph of the Lamb

1996–3: Babylon is Overthrown

1996–4: The Healing of the Nations

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