[Here is a link to a website that offers resources for LGBTQ folks with needs in areas such as addiction, domestic violence, and veteran-related issues: The Recovery Village, Ridgefield.]

A two part story challenging the standard account on the creation story and the writings of Paul.

  1. Why the creation story can’t carry the weight the restrictive view puts on it: The Bible and LGBTQ inclusion [Part 1]  (October 2, 2017)
  2. Why it is important to recognize that Paul didn’t write about “homosexuality”: The Bible and LGBTQ inclusion [Part 2] (October 4, 2017)

I posted a four-part series on “The Mennonite Failure to Find Common Ground on LGBTQ Inclusion” in August/September 2017.

  1. Reflections on a thirty-year journey (August 21, 2017)
  2. Learning from the journey (August 22, 2017)
  3. Appendix one: Romans 1:26-27 (August 28, 2017)
  4. Appendix two: 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (September 4, 2017)

In September 2016 I published the book Mennonites and “Homosexuality”: The Struggle to Become a Welcoming Church with Peace Theology Books. This is a collection of numerous essays, lectures, and blog posts, many adapted from the pieces linked to below. Here is the introduction to that book.

I have written a number of reviews on books related to these themes. Here’s a list, with the more recent reviews first:

I wrote a multi-part series critiquing Rod Dreher’s book, The Benedict Option. The third post was “Dreher’s Benedict Option: part 3—Same-Sex Marriage as the Paradigmatic Problem.” (May 8, 2017)

Recent ferment in the Mennonite Church USA triggered a number of blog posts (the older ones come first on this list):

In January, 2015, I had the chance to give my basic presentation on the churches and same-sex relationships. This time it was at Oak Grove Mennonite Church near Smithville, Ohio. Here are some reflections on the experience. This is the sermon I gave, “What Matters Most to Jesus.” And this is my lecture, “The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage.”

An earlier post, expanding a presentation given at First Mennonite Church, Canton, Ohio on March 24, 2013. This develops further some of the ideas from my May 2012 blog posts. The overall series is called: “A Biblical Theology of Welcome: Toward an Embrace of Gay Marriage.” Part one: Hospitality.  Part two: Marriage.  Part three: Biblical teaching.

Here is a three part posting from May 2012 that provides my perspective: “A basic Christian argument for affirming gay marriage” (Part I—May 20, 2012; Part II—May 21, 2012; Part III—May 22, 2012).

These are several other blog posts (older ones come first):

I am privileged to be able to host an excellent research article by recent Goshen College grad, Kelly Miller. She takes a close look at a recent case of a Mennonite conference disciplining a pastor for supporting welcoming gays.

My essay “The Logic of the Mennonite Church USA ‘Teaching Position’ on Homosexuality” has been published in Brethren Life and Thought (volume 55, numbers 1-2), 10-23. It is a slightly revised version of the article I posted on this website July 2010.

The weekend of February 5-7, 2010, I presented three lectures as part of a conversation on homosexuality at Portland (Oregon) Mennonite Church.  Here are the three lectures, plus a fourth article where I sketch several of the issues that came up over the weekend that I would address could I give the lectures over again.

(1) The Evolution of My Views

(2) The Biblical Message

(3) Contemporary Issues

(4) Epilogue

I have co-authored a book with Mark Thiessen Nation, Professor of Theology, Eastern Mennonite Seminary, where we debate the issue of homosexuality.  Here is a link to information about the book, called, Reasoning Together: A Conversation on Homosexuality.  A fine, online review of the book, by Chris Smith, may be found at the Englewood Review of Books.

Here is a link to my main chapter in this book, “A Theology of Welcome.”

Here is a link to an essay I wrote summarizing the views of both “restrictive” and “inclusive” writers.

Here is the text of my contribution to a “Conversation on Homosexuality” forum at Eastern Mennonite University, February 19, 2009.

This is a quite lengthy and quite critical review of Robert Gagnon’s influential book, The Bible and Homosexual Practice.

Two responses to Willard Swartley’s book, Homosexuality: Biblical Interpretation and Moral Discernment. The first is a fairly lengthy book review; the second includes critical notes made as I was reading and preparing the more formal reveiw.

Here are links to several shorter articles on homosexuality that I published in the Welcome Series of Booklets.

This is the first public version of my basic argument concerning the Bible and welcome of LGBTQ Christians. It was posted on MennoLink in 2003. This file includes a few conversations with respondents to the posts.

8 thoughts on ““HOMOSEXUALITY”

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  5. Able Seeker

    And in the end you are fighting life. Even Plato, a pagan who lived in an LGBT culture lamented homosexuality because it ended life. Based on the things Priests tell us about confession, the greatest numbers of fervent prayers that God hears are about the continuation of our children’s (and ancestors) lives. That’s probably why its called out as such a foundational sin in Leviticus. What did Christ say about “not one iota” ? …and then he goes on to specifically call out those who would come who use the faith to water down the word. Ever feel thirsty? This snare you are laying for other men, becomes very addictive. And then, as 40 approaches, they find they want children. To bad, so sad..perhaps you can adopt. Ooops. As is often the case the wound we inflict on our parents turns around to bite us later.


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