What We Need Is Here: Reflections on the Christian Life—Contents

Ted Grimsrud (mostly written in 1994)

1. Introduction

I. General Orientation

2. Starting with self-understanding

3. Approaching God

4. A simple definition of spirituality

II. Hindrances to spirituality

5. Human self-will

6. Hierarchical God

7. Challenges to spiritual health

III. Encouragement for spirituality

8. The Bible: Spirituality as story

9. Worship: Spirituality in community

10. Prayerful listening

11. Nature and spirituality

12. Music as spiritual encouragement

13. Friendship as spiritual encouragement

14. Encouragement in life

IV. Spirituality and our hearts

15. Grieving that leads to trust

16. Trust: The foundation of spirituality

17. Spirituality and the moral life

18. Conclusion: What have we learned

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