Peaceable Revelation—A series of blog posts that explores themes related to peace and justice in the book of Revelation. [Here is an up-to-date list of these blog posts from the Thinking Pacifism site as of 3/8/21]

  1. Revelation for post-Christians—June 27, 2019
  2. War of words: The key to understanding Revelation—July 22, 2019
  3. Are we living in the Great Tribulation?—August 13, 2019
  4. The healing of the nations in Revelation
  5. Our true enemy is not Trump; it is Satan
  6. Why worship in Revelation matters
  7. The plagues in Revelation come from Satan, not God
  8. What Revelation tells us about the “Church”
  9. Is Revelation about the future?
  10. Is Babylon so bad?
  11. This world is all we’ve got
  12. It’s hard to know how to talk about evil
  13. Overwhelmed by the Powers
  14. Did Jesus’s death “conquer” Satan?
  15. An anarchistic reading of Revelation

I hope to complete a new commentary on Revelation sometime in 2019. It reshapes material especially from my 2011-3 sermons (#1 below) and the running commentary I wrote while I was preparing those sermons (#4 below). The writing I have done on Revelation is organized in the following seven sections:

(1) Revelation sermons (recent). This is a series of sermons begun in September 2011 and concluded in November 2013.

(2) “What does the book of Revelation say?” a series of blog posts on that summarizes these recent sermons.

(3) Revelation sermons (older). Here are two short series of sermons, five from 2008-09 and four from 1996. Other sermons on Revelation will also be posted here.

(4) Revelation commentary. This is a running series of notes commenting on Revelation. They are part of my preparation of the sermon series.

(5) Triumph of the Lamb. This is the book I published in 1987.

(6) Articles and Presentations on Revelation.

(7) Recent blog posts [2016-18] at my Thinking Pacifism site.


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