The book of Revelation on living in empire [ThinkingPacifism blog post, December 11, 2016]

The book of Revelation and America’s election [ThinkingPacifism blog post, December 10, 2016]

The book of Revelation’s revelation to Eastern Mennonite University [Presented at the annual Haverim breakfast at Eastern Mennonite University, October 15, 2016]

A non-apocalyptic reading of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ [ThinkingPacifism  blog post, May 30, 2016]

Is Revelation’s God a God of peace? [Sermon at Community Mennonite Church, Lancaster, PA, May 8, 2016]

Is the book of Revelation on Falwell’s side? [ThinkingPacifism blog post, December 9, 2015]

Revelation, God’s wrath, healing justice, and Mennonite Church USA [ThinkingPacifism post, July 6, 2015]

There’s power in the blood: Revelation’s patience and creation’s transformation [Presented at the conference, “Rooted and Grounded: A Conference on Land and Christian Discipleship,” Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana, September 20, 2014.]

Salvation and the way of peace—Romans and Revelation [ThinkingPacifism blog post, January 22, 2014]

Who can stand against it? The “good” war and the Beast of Revelation [The Mennonite, July 2012]

Biblical Apocalyptic: What is Being Revealed? [Ted Grimsrud and Michael Hardin, eds., Compassionate Eschatology, 3-27; here’s a review of this book from Clarion Journal and another from the Colloquium on Violence and Religion Bulletin.]

The Book of Revelation and the End of Christianity [, 4/12/11]

What’s at Stake in the Debate About Universalism? [, 4/3/11]

Biblical Apocalyptic: What is Being Revealed [presented at Compassionate Eschatology Conference, 9/08]

Reading the Bible in Light of the Lamb’s War [presented at Compassionate Eschatology Conference, 9/08]

How Does Revelation Speak Today? [The Mennonite, 9/2/08]

The End of the World: Why are We Here? [The Mennonite, 8/6/02]

Victory Over the Powers of Death and Evil [The Mennonite, 1/16/01]

How Should 20th Century Christians Read the Book of Revelation? [Gospel Herald, 1/21/92]

The Justice of God in the Book of Revelation [in Willard Swartley, ed., Essays on Peace Theology and Witness, 1988]

Social Criticism in the Book of Revelation [Graduate seminar paper, 5/85]

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