Ted Grimsrud

Pacifism with Justice: The Biblical and Theological Case

Pacifism with Justice: The Biblical and Theological Case: These are chapters making up a prospective book.

(1) Introduction: Defining Pacifism

(2) A Christian Pacifist Perspective on War and Peace

(3) The Old Testament Peace Vision

(4) Healing Justice: The Prophet Amos and a “New” Theology of Justice

(5) Salvation in the Prophets, Salvation in Jesus: Mercy, Not Retribution

(6) Pacifism and the Story of Jesus

(7) Jesus’ Confrontation with Empire

(8 ) Christian Pacifism and New Testament Understandings of the Death of Jesus

(9) Romans 13: An Interpretation

(10) Revealing a New World: Power According to Biblical Apocalyptic

(11) The Justice of God in the Book of Revelation

(12) Theology, Retribution, and the Ways of Peace

(13) Theology and Restorative Justice

(14) The Theological Roots of Violence Against Children

(15) A Pacifist Critique of the Modern Worldview

(16) Are Human Beings Violent by Nature?

(17) Pacifism and Knowing: John Howard Yoder’s Epistemology

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