Peace Essays

These are links to essays and lectures on peace—mostly published—written over the past thirty years.

A. Overview

  1. What is Christian pacifism?
  2. A Christian pacifist perspective on war and peace

B. Bible

  1. Old Testament peace theology
  2. Christian pacifism encounters the Old Testament
  3. The prophet Amos and restorative justice
  4. Summarizing John Howard Yoder’s “Politics of Jesus”
  5. What does Jesus’ death mean?
  6. Atonement and discipleship in the synoptic gospels
  7. Jesus’ confrontation with empire
  8. Justice apart from the law: Paul’s deconstruction of idolatry
  9. Romans as a Peace Book: A Yoderian Reading
  10. Reading Revelation (and the whole Bible) as a book of peace
  11. The justice of God in the book of Revelation

C. History

  1. The early church and war and peace
  2. Defending Yoder: A critique of Peter Leithart’s Defending Constantine
  3. The Anabaptist roots of peace theology
  4. Anabaptism for the 21st century
  5. The ethics of conscientious objection to World War II
  6. A Christian pacifist response to World War II
  7. A pacifist critique of just war thought
  8. Anabaptist faith and American democracy
  9. Rethinking the “church/sect” typology

D. Theology

  1. Is God nonviolent?
  2. Violence as a theological problem
  3. Core convictions for engaged pacifism
  4. Pacifism and Truth: The Theological Ethics of John Howard Yoder
  5. Anabaptist versus conventional theology

E. Social Ethics

  1. My journey to pacifism as a way of knowing
  2. A pacifist critique of the modern worldview
  3. The Christian alternative to vengeance
  4. A theological critique of corporal punishment
  5. A theology for restorative justice
  6. Violence and human nature
  7. Challenging the just war tradition to take its stated values seriously

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