Ted Grimsrud


This is the parent page linking to a series of essays I have written on core Christian convictions. These essays grew out of a series of sermons at Shalom Mennonite Congregation and lectures to my Introduction to Theology class at Eastern Mennonite University. An expanded version has been published as a book: Theology as if Jesus Matters: An Introduction to Christianity’s Main Convictions (Cascadia Publishing House, 2009—the web page is here). These essays are introductory and meant to be accessible to a wide audience.



1. What is Theology?

2. The Person of Christ

3. The Doctrine of God

4. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

5. The Doctrine of Creation

6. The Doctrine of Scripture

7. The Doctrine of Humanity

8. The Doctrine of Salvation

9. The Doctrine of the Church

10. Theology of Sacraments

11. Theology of the Religions

12. The Doctrine of Eschatology

13. The Doctrine of the Christian Life

Here are the original sermons these chapters are drawn from.

  1. […] down to one statement, this double command may be the best we could do (I have written a book, Theology As If Jesus Matters, that articulates a comprehensive set of Christian convictions […]

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