triumph of the lamb review

Triumph of the Lamb. By Ted Grimsrud. Ontario: Herald Press, 1987. 189 pages.

Southwestern Journal of Theology    30 no 3 Sum 1988, p 49.
Ted Grimsrud has written an excellent manual for use in group study of the book of Revelation. He writes as an amillennialist who approaches the book of Revelation from a preterist viewpoint.

He has divided his manual into eleven chapters which deal with the text of Revelation. Each chapter begins with a series of study questions to guide ¿he student or group in approaching the section. Following this, there is a passage-by-passage overview of the content of the section. This is concluded by a short summary and a meditation which seeks to apply the content of Revelation to living today. After the meditation there is a series of questions for group thought and discussion.

The conclusion of the book is entitled “The Meaning of Revelation for Today.” In this section Grimsrud includes a group of very probing questions which the study of the book of Revelation raises. For example, he asks, “How is evil conquered? What role do Christians have to play?” and ‘Are the values of anti-Christ present today? If so what might they be?” Grimsrud’s probing style will do much to prevent the reader from becoming involved with speculation in his approach to the book of Revelation.

Grimsrud writes as a committed member of the Mennonite Church. Many of his applications reflect issues (conscientious objection) which would be of greater concern to members of that group. Not all evangelicals would agree with his definition of wrath as “the impersonal process within history of the process of evil being allowed to destroy itself’ (p. 120). Many would sec a more active role of God in the outworking of wrath.

Thomas D. Lea

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