Ted Grimsrud bibliography



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Mennonites and “Homosexuality”: The Struggle to Become a Welcoming Church. Peace Theology Books.


To Follow the Lamb: A Peaceable Reading of the Book of Revelation. Cascade Books.

Scholarly articles and chapters


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Published popular articles

1983–October 11: “Lord of the church & Lord of history: Revelation 1.” Gospel Herald.

1983–October 18: “Jesus’ call to faithfulness: Revelation 2 and 3.” Gospel Herald.

1983–October 25: “Jesus Christ, the hope of the world: Revelation 4 and 5.” Gospel Herald.

1983–November 1: “The sealing of God’s servants: Revelation 6 and 7.” Gospel Herald.

1983–November 8: “Antichrist, then and now: Revelation 13 and 14.” Gospel Herald.

1983–November 15: “A tale of two cities (I): Revelation 18 and 19.” Gospel Herald.

1983–November 22: “A tale of two cities (II): Revelation 21 and 22.” Gospel Herald.

1987–November/December: “Learning from World War II conscientious objectors.” MCC Peace Section Newsletter.

1989–April 11: “Resisters, transformers, separatists, servants: Conscientious objectors in World War II.” Gospel Herald.

1989–April 25: “What did they accomplish? Conscientious objectors in World War II.” Gospel Herald.

1992–January 21: “How should 20th-century Christians read the book of Revelation?” Gospel Herald. [Presenting the case for a pacifist reading of Revelation as alternative to the future-prophetic approach.]

1992–October 27: “How do we take up our cross and suffer?” Gospel Herald. [Reflecting on the place of suffering in the life of discipleship.]

1993–October 5: “Mourning is about relinquishing a quest for control.” Gospel Herald.

1994–February 1: “However we receive it, pacifism is a gift from God.” Gospel Herald. [Considers the ambiguous legacy of Mennonite pacifism, suggesting that we best see pacifism as a gift, not an obligation.]

1994–March 29: “What happened 2000 years ago is still working.” Gospel Herald.

1995–April 4, 1995: “The way Jesus died is an example of the way Jesus lived.” Gospel Herald. [A meditation on how the story of Jesus’ death actually affirms life and provides a model for resisting the powers-that be.]

1995–May 23: “No other foundation can anyone lay than is laid: Jesus Christ.” Gospel Herald. [Reflections on the Mennonite confession of faith’s article on Jesus Christ.  Proposes a narrative rather than doctrine-centered Christology.]

1995–June 13: “Not a ‘good war’.” The Mennonite. [Reflections on why World War II should not be celebrated.]

1996–April 23: “Making the penultimate too important often leads to violence.” Gospel Herald. [Uses King Solomon’s story as a warning about making institutions too important.]

1997–July 1: “Who are my mother and my brothers?” The Mennonite. [Jesus argued against making family and ethnic ties more central to status in the faith community than faithfulness to his teaching.]

1998—March 3: “A faithful teacher in the church.” The Mennonite. [A personal tribute to John Howard Yoder, published shortly after his death, that emphasizes the importance of Yoder’s work for all Christians.]

1998–December 22: “Jesus and Herod: Two Kinds of King.” The Mennonite. [In reflecting on the fundamental differences between these two kinds of kings, we gain insights into Christian discipleship.]

2001–January 16: “Victory over the powers of death and evil: The book of Revelation.” The Mennonite. [A contribution to a series of articles by various authors on “difficult texts of the Bible;” focuses on Revelation as a positive resource for Christian peacemakers.]

2001—March: “A Pacifist Way of Knowing: Postmodern Sensibilities and Peace Theology.” Mennonite Life. [An essay that originated as a paper presented at a Bluffton University conference on Anabaptist faith and postmodernity. Argues for a pacifism that emerges as an alternative to many assumptions of modernity.]

2001—May: “Is ‘Academic Freedom’ a Mennonite Value?” Anabaptist Scholars Network Newsletter. [A “discussion starter” that grounds free inquiry for Anabaptist scholars in the biblical call to seek truth in the context of faith communities more than in Enlightenment values of individual freedom.]

2001–October 2: “Grief and critique: A prophetic approach to the acts of terrorism.” The Mennonite. [An American pacifist’s response to 9/11/2001 written a few days afterwards.]

2002–August 6: “The end of the world: why we are here.” The Mennonite. [“Eschatology,” the study of the end, should focus on the purpose of life more than the outcome of life–and the purpose is embodying the way of Jesus.]

2004—January 6: “Why Mennonite?” The Mennonite. [Identifying and reflecting on core Mennonite convictions.]

2004–October 5: “Anabaptist Faith and American Democracy.” The Mennonite. [As pacifists and as Americans we have a responsibility to help bring healing to the world–but to do so only in ways that are consistent with our pacifist convictions.]

2005–September 6: “Mercy not retribution: Salvation of and in the Old Testament.” The Mennonite. [Shows how the Old Testament is best read as the source for Jesus’ message of peace.]

2006–May 2: “The Anabaptist faith: a living tradition.” The Mennonite. [Argues that the traumas of the 16th-century Anabaptists both help us understand problematic dynamics of present Mennonite communities and point toward key ideals that remain vital.]

2007—May 21 – August 13: The Old Testament Prophets: Reflections on the Sunday School lessons. Mennonite Weekly Review [A series of 13 short Bible studies.]

2007–June 19: “The legacy of CPS: Why Civilian Public Service is important.” The Mennonite. [Looking back at the witness to peace in the midst of World War II that, while seemingly insignificant at the time, grows in significance as the years pass and the world fails to overcome its warring madness.]

2008–September 2: “How does Revelation speak today? Revelation is about Jesus, not vengeance.” The Mennonite. [An introduction to the theology of the book of Revelation arguing that the central message of this book is a call to persevering love in the face of the world’s brokenness and evil.]

2009—May 25 – August 17: The Old Testament Law: Reflections on the Sunday School lessons. Mennonite Weekly Review [A series of 13 short Bible studies]

2009—October 20: “Healing Justice.” The Mennonite [A critique of retributive justice practices, a theological analysis, and suggestions for an alternative—restorative justice—that better reflects biblical justice.]

2010—August 23 – November 15: The Old Testament God: Reflections on the Sunday School lessonsMennonite Weekly Review [A series of 13 short Bible studies from Exodus and the Psalms.]

2010—September – August 2012: “Pursue Peace.” Purpose [A series of 24 meditations on peacemaking dealing with various issues with an emphasis on personal application.]

2010—December: “Why we pay attention to Jesus.” The Mennonite [Our culture’s sense of what Jesus is about actually, in many ways, can help us understand why we should pay attention to Jesus.]

2012—February 20 – May 14: The Gospel of John in brief. Mennonite World Review [A series of short Bible studies focusing on the Gospel of John.]

2012—July: “Who can stand against it? The ‘good’ war and the Beast of Revelation.” The Mennonite [The Book of Revelation provides a helpful perspective for thinking about resisting the war spirit that World War II empowered in the United States.]

2013—Summer. Mennonite World Review [Reflections on worship in the prophets; the building of the second temple.]

2014—Fall. Mennonite World Review 

2016—Summer. Mennonite World Review [Romans.]

Scholarly presentations


“The ethics of conscientious objection to World War II.” Paper presented to the ethics section of the Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religion annual meeting, Portland, OR.


“What does Jesus’s death mean?” Paper presented to the conference, “René Girard and Peace Theology,” Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Elkhart, IN.


“Constructing a Mennonite theology in a congregational setting.” Paper presented to the conference, “The Thought of Gordon Kaufman,” Bethel College, North Newton, KS.


“A pacifist way of knowing.” Paper presented to the conference, “Anabaptists and Postmodernity.” Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH.


“A theological critique of corporal punishment.” Paper presented to the conference, “Mennonites and the Family.” Goshen College, Goshen, IN.


“A pacifist critique of the modern worldview.” Paper presented to the conference, “The Thought of Walter Wink.” Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA.

“Is God nonviolent?” Paper presented to the meeting of Mennonite Scholars and Friends at the American Academy of Religion annual convention, Denver, CO.


“Pacifism and knowing: Truth in the theological ethics of John Howard Yoder.” Paper presented to the Believers Church Conference, “The Theological Legacy of John Howard Yoder, South Bend, IN.


“Jesus’s confrontation with empire.” Paper presented to the Believers Church Conference, “Believers Churches and Politics,” Harrisonburg, VA.


“A Christian pacifist perspective on war and peace.” Paper presented to the conference, “World Religions and Peace” James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.


“The Christian alternative to vengeance.” Paper presented to the conference, “Theologica Pacis.” Akron, PA.


“Biblical apocalyptic: What is being revealed?” Paper presented to the Preaching Peace conference, “Compassionate Eschatology,” San Anselmo, CA.

“Justice apart from the law (and empire): Paul’s deconstruction of idolatry.” Paper presented to the Bible, Theology, and Postmodernity section at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting, Chicago, IL.


“Against empire: A Yoderian reading of Romans.” Paper presented to the Preaching Peace Conference, “Christ and Empire,” Grantham, PA.


“OId Testament peace theology.” Paper presented to the Contextual Ethics section at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting, Atlanta, GA.


“A moral response to World War II.” Presented as the Keeney Peace Lecture, Bluffton University, Bluffton, OH. Also presented at Goshen College and Eastern Mennonite University.

“The Military Industrial Complex and the moral legacy of World War II.” Paper presented to the conference, “The Military Industrial Complex at 50.” Guilford College, Greensboro, NC


“A biblical theology of welcome.” Lecture at Oak Grove Mennonite Church, Smithville, OH.

Unpublished theses and papers (selected)


“Foundations for Christian Social Responsibility.” MA thesis. Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary.


“The early church and war and peace.” Comprehensive examination paper, Graduate Theological Union.

“Rethinking the ‘Church-Sect’ typology. Comprehensive examination paper, Graduate Theological Union.


“An Ethical Analysis of Conscientious Objection to World War II.” PhD dissertation. Graduate Theological Union.


“Practice-oriented vs. doctrine-oriented theology: An Anabaptist proposal.”



October 3, 1976—“Why am I a Christian?”

November 28, 1976—”Fellowship”
















January 22, 1984—”The obedience that comes from faith”




December 18, 1986—“The Anabaptist vision and Mennonite life in 1987”




January 31, 1988—”Jesus’s authority and our demons” [Mark 1:21-28]

February 7, 1988—”Jesus the healer” [Mark 1:29-39]

May 1, 1988—”What was radical about Jesus?” [Mark 2:23–3:6]

May 8, 1988—”Spiritual blindness and its cure” [Mark 3:20-35]

September 18, 1988—”Who do we say that he is?” [Mark 8:27-38]

November 6, 1988—”How shall we think of love?” [Mark 12:28-34]


July 23, 1989—“Christology: What it is and why it matters”

July 30, 1989—“History and christology”

December 14, 1989—”The outgoingness of God in incarnation” [John 1:1-18]


January 14, 1990—”From institution to person” [John 2:13-22]

April 8, 1990—”Jesus: A donkey-riding king” [John 12:9-19]

June 10, 1990—”Jesus’s death and ours—John Drake memorial” [Mark 14:32-42]

August 11, 1990—”How is a Mennonite?—Revisioning 1″

September 9, 1990—”Vision and identity—Revisioning 2″

September 16, 1990—”Living with tradition—Revisioning 3″

September 23, 1990—”A light for our path—Revisioning 4″

December 23, 1990—”God promises peace”


February 17, 1991—”Reflections on sin: God’s love comes first”

February 24, 1991—“Reflections on sin: Brokenness in the world” [Romans 1:18-23]

March 3, 1991—”Reflections on sin: The sins of the ‘morally upright’”

March 10, 1991—”Refections on sin: The universality of sin”

March 31, 1991—”Light shines anew” (Easter)

April 21, 1991—”Paul’s encounter with grace–and ours”

April 28, 1991—”The primacy of faith”

May 5, 1991—”God’s love of enemies”

May 12, 1991—”Reigning in life”

May 19, 1991—”Walking in newness of life”

June 2, 1991—”Slaves of God”

June 9, 1991—”Who are we, anyhow?”

July 7, 1991—”The Old Testament and Christian life (OT#1)”

July 14, 1991—”The change in God’s heart (OT #2)”

July 21, 1991—”Asking mercy of God (OT #3)”

August 18, 1991—”God as liberator (OT #4)”

September 8, 1991—”Commanded to live peaceably (OT#5)”

September 15, 1991—”The Conquest: God’s dark side? (OT #6)”

September 22, 1991—”Chaos and order, part one (OT #7)”

October 13, 1991—”Chaos and order, part two (OT #8)”

October 27, 1991—”King David (OT #9)”

November 10, 1991—”Solomon and temple politics (OT #10)”

November 17, 1991—”Israel’s fall and creative grief (OT #11)”

December 1, 1991—”Hope and personal wholeness (OT #12)”

December 8, 1991—”Hope and face-to-face wholeness (OT #13)”

December 15, 1991—”Hope and global wholeness (OT #14)”

December 29, 1991—”The scandal of God’s mercy (OT #15)”










April 14, 1996—“Comforting the Afflicted; Afflicting the Comfortable” (Rev 3:7-22)

April 21, 1996—“The Triumph of the Lamb” (Rev 5:1-14)

May 12, 1996—“Babylon is Overthrown” (Rev 18:1-8)

May 19, 1996—“The Healing of the Nations” (Rev 21:22–22:5)


January 19, 1997—Jesus and Herod: Two kinds of kings”




June 6, 1999—”What did Jesus do?”




September 16, 2001—“Grieve with God” (Jeremiah 8:18–9:3)








September 19, 2005—“Revelation as a Peace Book”


September 10, 2006—“What Do We Do With Theology?” (Ps 146; Mk 7:24-37; James 2:1-14)

October 15, 2006—“Who is That Guy?” (Ps 2:1-11; Lk 7:18-23; Phil 2:5-11; Rev 19:11-16)

November 12, 2006—“News of God”(Hosea 11:1-9; Psalm 46; Matthew 5:43-48; Romans 8:31-39)


January 21, 2007—“God’s Spirit—And Ours” (Gen 1:1-5;2:4-8; Isa 42:1-9; Lk 4:16-21; Gal 5:22-26; Ps 104:24-30)

February 18, 2007—“This is God’s World” (Gen 1:1–2:4; Ps 33; Mt 6:25-33; Col 1:15-20)

March 18, 2007—“How Does God Communicate?” (Dt 4:1-8; Ps 19:7-11; Mt 22:36-40; 2 Tim 3:16-17)

April 29, 2007—“Humanness: A Curse or a Blessing?” (Gen 1:26-31; Ps 8; Mt 6:25-33; Rom 5:6-11)

May 27, 2007—“Salvation: Healing Our Damage” (Hos 11:1-9; Ps 115:3-11; Lk 15:11-14; Rom 12:1-2)

September 9, 2007—“The Church: Why Bother?” (Ps 15:1-5; Jer 7:1-10; Lk 22:24-27; Rom 12:1-10)

October 7, 2007—“Evoking the Presence of God” (Ps 50:1-15; Amos 5:21-24; Lk 5:27-32; 1 Jn 4:7-12)

November 4, 2007—“Bless All the Families of the Earth” (Gen 12:1-3; Isa 2:1-4; Matt 25:31-40; Rev 21:1; 22:1-2)


January 6, 2008—“The End Times are Now” (Isa 2:2-4; Ps 46:1-10; Lk 16:19-31; Rev 21:22-26)

February 10, 2008—“Do This and Live” (Ps 119:41-48; Lev 19:1-4;17-18; Rom 13:8-10; Lk 10:25-37)

March 30, 2008—“Living in Apocalyptic Times”

April 20, 2008—“What are We Looking For?” (Isa 51:1-3; Heb 2:5-9; Rev 1:1-6)

June 8, 2008—“Power in Weakness” (1 Cor 1:18-23; Rev 2:8-11; 3:7-13)

June 22, 2008—“How Does God Win?” (Isa 42:1-7; Mk 10:13-16; Rev 5:1-10)

September 7, 2008—“Trusting God in the Real World” (Rev 6:1-8; 7:9-12)


January 11, 2009—“Healing Justice” (Ps 85:8-13; Amos 5:6-7, 21-24: Rom 3:21-24)

May 17, 2009—“Is Pacifism Ever an Idol” (Ex 20:1-7; Mt 22:34-40; 1 Jn 4:18-21)

September 27, 2009—“Why We Pay Attention to Jesus” (Isa 42:1-4; Lk 7:18-23)

November 8, 2009—“Singing Down Mercy” (Lk 1:46-55)


January 10, 2010—“Son of Adam, Son of God” (Luke 4:1-13)

February 21, 2010—“To Turn from the Abyss” (Luke 4:16-21)

March 14, 2010—“God’s Greatest Power: Mercy” (Luke 5:17-26)

April 11, 2010—“What Matters Most?” (Luke 6:20-26)

May 9, 2010—“Jesus’s Identity—And Ours” (Luke 7:18-23)

October 17, 2010—“The Troublemaker” (Luke 9:18-27)

November 14, 2010—“Salvation—From What?” (Luke 10:25-37)

December 12, 2010—“Metaphysical Therapy” (Luke 15:11-32)


January 23, 2011—“Listen to Moses” (Luke 16:14-31)

February 13, 2011—“When Good News Becomes Bad News” (Luke 22:1-27)

March 27, 2011—“Life in Death” (Luke 23:24-26)

May 15, 2011—“Resurrection Questions” (Luke 24:1-12)

September 11, 2011—“The Twenty-First Century According to Revelation” 

October 15, 2011—“A Revelation About Jesus” (Revelation 1)

November 12, 2011—“Power in Weakness” (Revelation 2)


January 22, 2012—“Weakness in Power” (Revelation 3)

February 19, 2012—“What is God Like?” (Revelation 4–5)

April 15, 2012—“An Angry Lamb?” (Revelation 6)

May 13, 2012—“Theology by Numbers” (Revelation 7)

June 24, 2012—“How Not to Get Repentance” (Revelation 8–10)

September 16, 2012—“Standing by Words” (Revelation 11–12)

October 14, 2012—“How Do We Fight the Beast?” (Revelation 13)

November 25, 2012—“How to Read Revelation” (Revelation 14)


January 20, 2013—“Transforming Babylon” (Revelation 15–16)

February 17, 2013—“Seeking the Peace of the City” (Revelation 17)

March 17, 2013—“Confessions of a Birthright Imperialist” (Revelation 18)

May 12, 2013—“The War That’s Not a War” (Revelation 19)

September 15, 2013—“The Judgment That’s Not a Judgment” (Revelation 20)

October 13, 2013—“What is Paradise For?” (Revelation 21-22)

November 17, 2013—“Why We Should Read Revelation”


April 6, 2014—“Good Grief” (John 11:35)

July 27, 2014—“Question Authority” (1 Samuel 8:10-18; Romans 13:1-4; Mark 10:42-45)\

October 12, 2014— “Paul’s Antidote to Empire”—Romans 1:1-17

November 16, 2014—“How Empires Go Wrong”—Romans 1:16-32


January 11, 2015—“How Churches Go Wrong”—Romans 2

April 12, 2015—“Mercy All the Way Down”—Romans 3

April 19, 2015—“Abraham’s Gospel”—Romans 4

May 18, 2015—“It all starts with love”—Romans 5

June 14, 2015—“Sin: What it is and what to do about it”—Romans 6


October 9, 2016—Are We in Debt to God?


February 19, 2017—What is Justice? Love with Claws (Luke 15:11-32)

June 11, 2017—Positive Theology (Psalm 8; Romans 3:9-18)

July 9, 2017—A Positive Reading of the Old Testament (Genesis 12:1-3; Leviticus 19:2-18; Hosea 11:1-9)

October 8, 2017—A Positive Reading of the New Testament (Luke 7)


August 8, 2019—Good Grief

December 1, 2019—Why God Doesn’t Intervene

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