John Howard Yoder’s Sexual Misconduct (1992 Elkhart Truth articles)

Articles from The Elkhart (Indiana) Truth by Tom Price

Introductory Article (“Theologian cited in sex inquiry”)—June 29, 1992

Part One (“Theologian’s future faces a ‘litmus test’: Yoder’s response to allegations could determine standing in field”)—July 12, 1992

Part Two (“Theologian accused: Women report instances of inappropriate conduct”)—July 13, 1992

Part Three (“A known secret: Church slow to explore rumors against leader”)—July 14, 1992

Part Four (“Yoder’s actions framed in writings”)—July 15, 1992

Part Five (“Teachings tested: Forgiveness,reconciliation in discipline”)—July 16, 1992

Here are some of my reflections on the relation between Yoder’s misconduct and his theology and other articles on Yoder’s theology and ethics.

12 thoughts on “John Howard Yoder’s Sexual Misconduct (1992 Elkhart Truth articles)

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