Ted Grimsrud

John Howard Yoder’s Sexual Misconduct (1992 Elkhart Truth articles)

Articles from The Elkhart (Indiana) Truth by Tom Price

Introductory Article (“Theologian cited in sex inquiry”)—June 29, 1992

Part One (“Theologian’s future faces a ‘litmus test’: Yoder’s response to allegations could determine standing in field”)—July 12, 1992

Part Two (“Theologian accused: Women report instances of inappropriate conduct”)—July 13, 1992

Part Three (“A known secret: Church slow to explore rumors against leader”)—July 14, 1992

Part Four (“Yoder’s actions framed in writings”)—July 15, 1992

Part Five (“Teachings tested: Forgiveness,reconciliation in discipline”)—July 16, 1992

Here are some of my reflections on the relation between Yoder’s misconduct and his theology and other articles on Yoder’s theology and ethics.

  1. […] Ted Grimsrud has also written a reflection on Yoder’s sexual misconduct, even posting the newspaper articles from the time about it. Yet little else has been done to name this discrepancy between his thought […]

  2. […] Editor’s Note: For more information on John Howard Yoder’s sexual misconduct, please see Ted Grimsrud’s article documentations here.  […]

  3. […] Our Stories Untold Editor’s Note: For more information on John Howard Yoder’s sexual misconduct, please see Ted Grimsrud’s article documentations here. […]

  4. […] are teaching future pastors. Just yesterday, I found out via a friend’s facebook status that John Howard Yoder was repeatedly accused of sexual harassment and assault (to which he admitted). I bring that up not to attack Yoder’s character (but neither, of course, to defend it—I leave […]

  5. […] recently re-read the articles from The Elkhart Truth on Yoder’s sexual misconduct and the beginnings of the discipline process. I was quite […]

  6. […] initial reading of the articles in The Elkhart Truth—especially the descriptions of Yoder’s behaviors that were harassing, abusive and terrorizing […]

  7. […] do not usually reblog things on here, but in light of the ongoing discussions surrounding John Howard Yoder’s sexual misconduct in the 1970s-early 1990s, what Mark Thiessen Nation and Marva Dawn have to say is important. Both […]

  8. […] his memoir, Professor Hauerwas alludes to what the reporter Tom Price, in a five-part 1992 series in The Elkhart Truth newspaper, described as Mr. Yoder’s defense of “nongenital affective relationships.” In an […]

  9. […] up are the articles from The Elkhart Truth (from 1992) on Yoder’s sexual misconduct. The following are a few quotes showcasing what it is […]

  10. […] der Vorgeschichte nichts wusste. Dort ging sein theologischer Stern in den USA erst so richtig auf. Erst 1992, als acht Opfer seiner Übergriffigkeit gemeinsam Druck ausübten, wurde Yoder in der Menn…. Nach einer vierjährigen mennonitischen Kirchenzuchtmaßnahme wurde Yoder kurz vor seinem Tod im […]

  11. […] knowledge), I already know that Goshen turns a blind eye (and has done so for decades, even when members of the faculty were raping students).  That’s part of why they have rape information on their campus website that basically […]

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