How My Theological Mind Has Changed (Or Not)

Is it true that as we get older our views get more entrenched and inflexible? I hope not. I decided to run a test on this question. I discovered a set of sermons I presented in the summer of 1996, just weeks before ending the congregational ministry phase of my ministry and moving into college teaching.

These sermons addressed basic Christian convictions. Looking at them, I thought they could serve as kind of a base line for summarizing my views at that time of transition. Since then, I have taught dozens of classes, written several books, presented numerous papers, had countless conversations, read a ton of books and articles—all on theological themes.

How have my views changed (if at all)?

I took three of the 1996 sermons, posted chunks of them on my Thinking Pacifism blog, and followed each one with present-day reflections on the same theme: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit respectively.

Here are links to the series, in chronological order.

Convictions About God, 1996

Changing (?) Convictions About God, 2011

Convictions About Jesus, 1996

Changing (?) Convictions About Jesus, 2011

Convictions About the Holy Spirit, 1996

Changing (?) Convictions About the Holy Spirit, 2011

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