The Moral Legacy of World War II

[I am posting rough drafts of the chapters from a book I am writing about World War II and its moral legacy. My hope in posting these chapters is that I might receive helpful counsel. So, please, read the chapters and let me know what you think. All comments, questions, and challenges are welcome and will be most useful as I revise the chapters this winter and spring. The first nine chapters are now up—February 25, 2011.]


1. Introduction

2. Jus Ad Bellum: The Reasons for the War

3. Jus In Bello: The Conduct of the War

4. What the War Cost

5. Pax Americana

6. The Cold War

7. Full Spectrum Dominance

8. No to the War

9. Social Transformation

10. Servanthood

11. The Moral Legacy of World War II—And What We Might Do With It

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