John Howard Yoder’s Christology

John Howard Yoder’s stature as a major American theologian continues to grow. I recently found in my files a paper, “John Howard Yoder’s Christology,” I wrote now nearly thirty years ago, summarizing my initial understanding of Yoder’s christology. I do not remember the occasion for the paper. It gives what I still think is an accurate portrayal of some of Yoder’s main thoughts.

Finding this paper makes me think that it would be worthwhile to revisit this theme. I wonder if I were to write a 2,000 word summary of Yoder’s christology now, if it would be much different from my old paper. In the meantime, I have completed two graduate degrees in theology, served nearly ten years as a pastor, and now head toward the end of my fourteenth year as a college professor. Yoder wrote a lot between 1982 and his death in 1997. But I’m not sure I would say it much differently now—maybe I’ll try and see someday soon.

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