Son of Adam, Son of God

Why do we pay attention to Jesus? I think there are many good reasons people do—some not so good reasons, too, I suppose.  I am choosing to focus on the good reasons.  But I think that whatever reason we might have for paying attention to Jesus, we benefit from looking carefully at what the Bible tells us about him.

This morning, I preached the third of what I hope will be a 13-part series of sermons on Jesus.  I called it, “Son of Adam, Son of God.” My purpose was to consider what the Bible has in mind when it calls Jesus “Son of God.”  Actually, as this sermon focuses on Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness at the beginning of his ministry (Luke 4:1-13), the focus is on what the meaning of “Son of God” in relation to Jesus is not.  In a nutshell, Jesus is tempted with using his status as Son of God as a means of exercising power over in bringing in God’s kingdom.

“Son of God” in relation to Jesus has to do with his approach to politics—what kind of king will Jesus be?  Jesus is indeed political, but it’s a politics of compassion and empowering others, not a politics of domination and self-serving.

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