A Book of Questions: Job

Here is the seventeenth in a series of Bible studies that present the Bible as being on the side of pacifism.  This essay, “A Book of Questions,” considers one of the most enigmatic books in the Bible, the Book of Job.

In the spirit of the book itself, the essay generally focuses more on asking questions of the book of Job, God, and theology than on giving answers. Is Job a hero and “God” the villain of this book? If so, what might the point be–and how might the book’s perspective be instructive for peace theology?

Is it possible that the book actually makes the case for a very positive view of humanity–not the “humans are only dust” traditional view? And that the book means to leave us with the conclusion that we have the calling to love justice and pursue it even when we can’t be clear about God’s involvement? Even when the world does not seem to operate according to the dictates of justice that often?

How do we sustain faith and practice justice in a chaotic universe?  The book of Job doesn’t answer this question–but perhaps it challenges us in ways that might help up as we struggle with it.

2 thoughts on “A Book of Questions: Job

  1. e4unity

    Great question and one that must be answered by the Church today. I just came across a book which addresses this very issue-Suffering and the Book of Job, by Richard Rohr. It not only deals with suffering as experienced by peacemakers in a violent world, but addresses suffering in God’s own character. Here’s the link on google books where you can preview it-


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