Our confession as Mennonites of Jesus as Lord

Here is an article I published in 1995 (Gospel Herald) called “No other foundation can anyone lay than is laid: Jesus Christ.” This article was assigned to me as part of a series of articles the magazine ran on the newly formulated Mennonite confession of faith.  I was asked to provide reflections on the article in the Confession on Jesus Christ.

This article takes a narrative approach to christology, linking together our stories as modern people with the gospel story of Jesus. Special attention is paid to Jesus’ death and resurrection–with an emphasis on how those two events point us toward life, toward ethical faithfulness.  The article strikes a consistently positive tone. Only in asking what is not mentioned in the article would one begin to get a sense that this portrayal of the meaning of Jesus is presented as an alternative to christologies that emphasize Jesus’ divinity and his death as a sacrifice needed to satisfy God’s honor (or wrath or holiness).

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