The Old Testament Prophets

How do the writings of the Old Testament prophets speak to our world today?  In a series of short articles published in the Mennonite Weekly Review during the summer of 2007, I share some reflections on various of the prophets with special attention to their ethical significance.

These articles may be found via the following links:

Let Justice Roll (Amos)

Loss of Loyalty (Hosea)

Call to Faithfulness (1 Isaiah)

Healing Will Come (2 Isaiah)

What God Wants (Micah)

Heeding a Prophet (Zephaniah)

End of Tyranny (Habakkuk)

A Nation Doomed (Jeremiah, 1)

Faithfulness in Exile (Jeremiah, 2)

Grief that Heals (Lamentations)

Turn and Live (Ezekiel)

Prophetic Relevance (Zechariah)

Malachi’s Last Word (Malachi)

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