Theology of the Religions

Does Christian theology have resources to deal creatively with religious pluralism.  Is our only valid response as Christians still simply invoking God’s definitive revelation for salvation in Jesus’ death–and informing those of other faiths that their religion is inferior?

In my essay, “Theology of the Religions” I attempt to address these kinds of questions from the point of view of  commitment to Jesus’ message of loving God and neighbor.  I suggest that Jesus’ emphasis on the centrality of how we live our lives, shaping them by love and not power politics, provides the best angle for considering questions related to religious pluralism.  Ultimately, faithfulness to Jesus and Jesus’ God stems from how we live more than what our doctrines are.  This truth should open us to make common cause with those of other faiths who have similar moral convictions.

This essay is the eleventh in a series that examines core Christian doctrines, consistently asking what shape they should take if they are articulated in light of Jesus.

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