The Lamb’s Way of Victory #5

In Revelation six, we get the first of several extended visions in the book that portray a series of plagues that wreak death and destruction on earth.  Then, in Revelation seven we get another vision of the people of God (from all tribes and nations) worshiping God and the Lamb–these are the ones who trust in God instead of the Beast.  I believe that these two visions portray important elements in life in the past and present, not only life in the future.  John the Seer means for us to recognize that we must choose which vision more accurately presents the deepest reality.  Should we worship (that is, live our lives in trust in the Lamb’s way of peace) or should we join with the forces of violence since they determine reality?  In my sermon, “Trusting God in the Real World,” I juxtapose the two visions and argue that the vision of celebration should determine how we understand the world–and inspire us to practice justice- and peace-making in service to the victorious Lamb.

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