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Pacifism With Justice (16)

The peace epistemology of John Howard Yoder is the focus of the concluding essay in my book-in-progress, Pacifism With Justice: The Biblical and Theological Case. The essay, “Pacifism and Knowing: John Howard Yoder’s Epistemology,” argues that Yoder serves as a model for an approach to pacifism that understands this core conviction to shape the very way one views the world.

Seeing pacifism as a way of knowing shapes Yoder’s understanding of the gospel of Jesus and the relevance of Jesus’ life and teaching to all of life. Such an approach challenges Christianity to its core, suggesting that its core message is indeed a message of pacifism (which I define as the conviction that no value or commitment takes priority over the values of love, compassion, and caring for each human being).


I produce a radio program that airs every Saturday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm on WEMC, 91.7FM in Harrisonburg, VA.  This show features music at the intersection of country, folk, rock and roll, blues, and gospel. 

Most Saturdays I follow a general theme; though sometimes I just play random great music. Some of my themes have been sad songs, love songs, songs about California, anti-war songs, songs about vehicles, and songs written by my favorites song-writers such as Tom Waits, Kris Kristofferson, Richard Thompson, and Leonard Cohen.

Each week I plan to write a short blog discussing the show and linking to a view of the featured albums.

The shows streams on-line and may be heard every Saturday at 3pm Eastern time here. Playlists may be viewed here.