The Wavelength show on July 12 did not follow a particular theme. The play list is here. I played songs from newer records–at least records newer to my collection. I simply grabbed about 50 CDs from my pile of records that have been added to my library in the past several months.

I really enjoyed this show. I think it is a great example of how much great Wavelength-type music there is out there, and that it just keeps on coming.

I want to mention five CDs in particular that I played from and think are worth paying attention to.

Blaze Foley, Live at the Austin Outhouse. This record may be heard on line here.

Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy, Adieu False Heart. This record may be heard on line here.

Mary Gauthier. Between Daylight and Dark. Six of the ten cuts from this record (including “Thanksgiving,” the song I played on the show) may be listened to here.

John Trudell, AKA Grafitti Man. This record may be listened to on line here.

James McMurtry, Just Us Kids. This record may be heard on line here.

2 thoughts on “Wavelength—7/12/08

  1. belle

    I loved Saturday’s show (7/12/08). I enjoyed not knowing which direction you were going and the show was full of surprises. Yet, I must admit that I do not like the duo of anti-war songs played back-to-back. The first, “Bombs Over Bagdad” was not too bad, but the second, “Cheney’s Toy” reminds me of the reaction the Vietnam Vets received when they arrived home. I loved the rendition of “The Look of Love”. Look forward to what is coming this week……..


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